Heavy Duty Workbench 1.5mWx0.6mDx0.95mH Addon 300Kg/L
Dimensions for 1.5m wide addon bay
Workbenches can be connected to other longspan shelving units
Workbenches come standard with reinforced steel decks
Wokbenches can be bolted to the floor for stability and safety
Steel decks are easily replaceable with timber
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Heavy Duty Workbench 1.5mWx0.6mDx0.95mH Addon 300Kg/L

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Product Features:
  • Addon Bay with one blue upright that is designed to be connected to an existing unit and will not stand alone
  • Comes with 2 shelf levels as standard
  • Extra levels can be easily purchased and added, as required
  • The unit comes as a kit that includes the following components: 1 blue upright, 4 orange beams, 4 white decks and 8 steel locking pins
  • Components simply slot into place for easy DIY assembly. No tools required
  • Made from quality steel and powder coated to give a strong and durable finish, so that your investment will last
  • Blue uprights are pre-welded and come as one solid piece for extra strength
  • The uprights have pre-drilled footplates that enable the unit to be fastened to the floor
  • Shelves are easily adjustable up and down, so they can be set at any required height
  • A starter bay + one or more addon bays can be connected together to form a long workbench area
  • Capacity:
    • 300KG per level (Uniformly Distributed Load)
    • 600KG Total Capacity (UDL) per Bay
  • Uprights:
    • Length: 950mm
    • Materials(main poles): 40mm x 80mm x 1.0mm cold rolled steel with powder coating
  • Beams
    • Length: 1340mm
    • Material: 40mm x 60mmm x 1.2mm cold rolled steel with powder coating
  • Decks
    • Length: 665mm
    • Material: 0.5mm cold rolled steel with powder coating
  • Weight
    • Total weight of the completed unit = 23.1Kg

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Ben M.
Garage Shelving

Fantastic product. Fantastic service. Will definitely buy all of my shelving from Falcon Shelving. Great to deal with.