Buying Guide

Here is a simple buying guide that will give you all the basics you need to confidently make your purchase decisions. If you already know what you are looking for and would like to shop our range, simply click here to get started.  


Our Range

The image below shows our range in a nutshell. It includes all-steel longspan shelving, tyre racking, workbenches and retail shelving.

Our products are made from quality steel and we pay extra attention to the powder coating, so that your investment will last.

Falcon Shelving's products are suitable for: residential garages, workshops, retail outlets, commercial offices, home based offices, storerooms, and rental storage facilities amongst others. 

Buying Longspan Shelving

An explanation of our longspan range of products is a good place to start, as many of the topics are common to all the products.


Longspan Shelving is Ideal for Long or Bulky Items

Longspan shelving is suitable for the general purpose storage of boxes, cartons, plastic totes, archive files and other long or bulky items. An advantage of this type of shelving is that items can be accessed and loaded from both sides.


All Standard Units Come With 4 Levels

A standard unit of longspan shelving comes with 4 levels as shown below.

Levels can be easily added, removed or adjusted up and down, as required.

A standard unit of longspan shelving with 4 levels


The Units Come in a Range of Sizes
 Width 2.0m High 2.4m High 2.7m High


Starter Bays and Addon Bays

Importantly, there are two types of longspan units:

  1. Starter Bays - have two blue uprights and are designed to stand alone.
  2. Add-on Bays - have only one upright and are designed to be connected to an existing bay. They cannot stand alone.
Units Can be Connected Together to Form Rows

Our longspan units can be easily connected together into a row to expand the available storage area.

Making a row of shelving is simply a matter of beginning with a Starter Bay and connecting as many Add-on Bays as you need. See image below.


      Starter Bay Addon Bays Row
+ Addon bay as a component in a row of shelving = A row of shelving made up of a starter bay and several addon bays


Each Unit is Made Up of 4 Bundles of Components

Each Starter Unit of longspan shelving is made up of 4 bundles of components in the quantities shown below. All the components are made from quality steel and the uprights, beams and decks are powder coated for extra durability.


Starter Bay Components 
Components Uprights Beams Decks Locking Pins
Number per Unit 2 8 8* 16
Blue longspan upright Orange longspan beam White longspan deck Longspan locking pin


* 1m wide units need only 1 deck per level


Addon Bay Components

An Add-on Unit will have the same set of components, minus one upright. The beams of the Add-on Unit are designed to attach to the upright of an existing Unit to form a row of shelving. Importantly, the width of a Starter + Addon will be slightly less that the width of two Starter Bays by the width of the upright that has been saved (about 8cm for 300Kg/ level Heavy Duty Units). 


Adding Extra Levels

The design of our longspan units allows extra levels to be added or levels taken away, as required.

Adding an extra level is simply a matter of purchasing 2 extra beams, 2 extra decks and 4 locking pins. These components are available as "Extra Level" kits on our website.


Shelf Height is Easily Adjustable

The position of each level is easily adjustable to accommodate different sized items (see image below)


Longspan shelves adjusted to accommodate large item in centre


Maximum Load Capacity 

Each of our longspan units is rated in terms of the maximum, uniformly distributed load that can be stored on each shelf level. There is also a maximum load capacity for the unit as a whole. We offer a range of load capacities from 120Kg per level to 300Kg per level.


Heavy Duty and Standard Duty Shelving

We have a standard duty range of longspan shelving (white in colour) that is designed for loads of 120Kg and 200Kg per level (see image below).

White standard duty longspan shelving


DIY Assembly is Easy – No Tools Required

Falcon Shelving's simple slot together system makes DIY assembly easy. No tools are required. The orange cross beams simply fit into the grooves on the blue uprights and are secured with a steel locking pin (see image below).

Orange beams fit into grooves on the blue uprights" width


Buying Workbenches

Workbenches are an integrated part of our longspan range of products. They can be used as a stand alone unit or they can be connected together with workbench addons just like the regular longspan products. Importantly, they can also be easily connected to regular longspan units as required. Just think of them as short longspan units with two levels (see image below).

Workbench connected to a longspan unit





In terms of dimensions, they are 0.95m high and come in widths of 1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0m and 2.5m,

Each workbench is made up of:

  • 2 uprights (1 upright for addons)
  • 4 beams
  • 2-4 steel decks (two for 1m wide units)
  • 8 locking pins
  • 4 plastic caps (to cover the holes on the top of the upright)

You can adjust shelf height and add extra shelves, just like a regular longspan unit. 


Retail Shelving Made to Order


While we do not hold stock of retail shelving, we can supply all your retail shelving requirements on a "make to order" basis. Our range includes standard sizes of pegboard gondola, mesh gondola and outrigger shelving (see examples below).


 Pegboard Gondola
Mesh Gondola
Pegboard Gondola Shelving
Mesh Gondola Shelving
Outrigger Shelving


We can also custom manufacture shelving to your specification, for orders of 30 or more units.

Lead times are typically 6-8 weeks following sign off on an order and payment of a 40% deposit.

Give us a call or send us your sketches and requirements and we can help you scope and finalise your design.