Retail Shelving

Planning Out Your Retail Shelving Requirements

The Planning Process Establishing the best layout for your retail space is typically a process of refining, where we you go back and forth on the design, configuration of the shelving modules and the budgeted costs.   The Process Usually Begins with a Basic Floorplan The beginning of the process is usually a hand-drawn sketch...
on September 10, 2021
How to Assemble Longspan Shelving

How to Assemble Longspan Shelving

Assembling longspan shelving is easy and doesn't require any tools. You can do it on your own or grab a friend to speed things up. Just follow these simple steps.   Unpack and Sort Your Components Your shelving will come as bundles of orange beams, blue uprights and white decks or shelves (see image below).Remove...
on July 29, 2021
A row of longspan shelving

The 3 Key Benefits of Longspan Shelving that Will Help Make Your Business More Effective

As the name suggests, longspan shelving is steel shelving that spans a great distance It's flexibility, efficiency and durability will help make your business more effective.
on March 31, 2021
Tyre racking filled with tyres

Tyre Racking and Storage - 7 Essential Tips

There are good reasons to have a spare set of tyres: seasonal tyres for winter conditions, off-road tyres for the warmer months, performance tyres for motor sport. However, the problem is that even unused tyres degrade over time. Storing them in the right way is essential to avoid shortening the life of your investment.
on October 01, 2020
Comparison of two different longspan units

7 Key Things to Look for When Buying Longspan Shelving

A quick search will reveal that there are many different shelving options out there and that the price varies quite a bit for what seem initially to be similar units. How do you choose between them - is it just price? Here are some of the main features to look for. 
on July 01, 2020
Holes in footplate for fastening shelving to the floor

2 Quick Ways to Secure Longspan Shelving for Increased Stability

Falcon’s longspan shelving is generally quite stable, if the floor is flat and even and the loads on the shelves are not too heavy. However, if the floors are uneven or you need to load up the shelves with heavier items you may need to secure your shelving for greater stability. 
on June 20, 2020



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