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Heavy Duty Shelving 2.0mWx0.6mDx2.0mH Starter 300Kg/L


Standard Duty Shelving 1.5mWx0.5mDx2.0mH Starter 120Kg/L


Heavy Duty Workbench 2.0mWx0.6mDx0.95mH Starter 300Kg/L


Tyre Racking 2.0mWx0.6mDx2.4mH Starter 300Kg/L



We Carry a Full Range of Steel Storage Shelving
We supply a full range of steel, storage shelving and racking. Our product range includes: heavy duty longspan shelving, industrial workbenches, and tyre racking. We can also supply white metal, retail display shelving, such as pegboard gondola, mesh gondola and outrigger shop shelving.

Our Products are Easy to Assemble and Fully Adjustable
All our shelving units are fully adjustable and can be assembled without tools. They utilize a boltless assembly technique that allows the height of the shelves to be moved up or down as required. Shelves can also be added or removed, if you need a 3 tier, 4 tier or 5 tier storage unit.

They Can Be Used in a Wide Variety of Applications
Our metal shelving units can be used for a wide variety of applications. They are ideal for storing cartons, tubs, parts and equipment in garages, sheds, storerooms and warehouses.

Clients use our longspan shelving and workbenches to organize their manufacturing parts, their workshops and work areas to make them more productive.

Our white metal, longspan shelving is used in offices for file and archive storage.

The tyre racks are used both in home garages and sheds as well as in commercial tyre outlets and car dealerships.

While our white metal, display shelving is used to fit out: retail stores, pharmacies, convenience stores, and supermarkets

Our longspan shelving is also used in a number of specialist applications e.g. shipping container shelving.

We Have Locations in Sydney and Melbourne
You can pickup from our warehouse hubs in Sydney or Melbourne or we can deliver anywhere in Australia.