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Heavy Duty Shelving 2.0mWx0.6mDx2.0mH Starter 300Kg/L


Standard Duty Shelving 1.5mWx0.5mDx2.0mH Starter 120Kg/L


Heavy Duty Workbench 2.0mWx0.6mDx0.95mH Starter 300Kg/L


Tyre Racking 2.0mWx0.6mDx2.4mH Starter 300Kg/L



Falcon Shelving’s range of steel storage shelving is aesthetically pleasing and includes: standard and heavy duty long span shelving, industrial workbenches, and tyre racking. We can also supply steel, retail display shelving, such as pegboard gondola, mesh gondola and outrigger shop shelving on a "make-to-order" basis. Whether you are looking for shelving for a home garage or a warehouse we have shelving to meet your needs.

Size Range
Our steel storage shelving comes in a range of different sizes, load ratings and hard wearing finishes to match the look and needs of your storage space. So you can easily customize your garage, shop or warehouse with the ideal shelving to suit your requirements.

1.0 Standard Duty Longspan

Our Standard Duty range is powder coated in off-white, which is a neutral colour that will fit into most situations. There are two sizes: 

1.5mWx0.5mDx2.0mH, 120Kg/ level
2.0mWx0.6mDx2.0mH, 200Kg/ level

     These metal, storage shelves are designed for light to medium duty storage and are popular for storing cartons, tubs, archive boxes and miscellaneous other items in a garage, office, shop or warehouse.


    2.0 Heavy Duty Longspan

    Our Heavy Duty range is tri-coloured (orange/ white/ blue) and is rated to 300Kg/ level. It comes in a comprehensive range of sizes, as shown in the table below. So the shelving bays can be mix-n-matched to fit any sized space. 


    Width 2.0m High 2.4m High  2.7m High


    These storage shelves are built from heavy duty metal for large weight loads and will handle just about anything you are likely to store, apart from the heaviest engine components. We also have two lower weight-rated shelves in the heavy duty range (see below): 

    1.0mWx0.5mDx2.0mH, 150Kg/L
    1.5mWx0.5mDx2.0mH, 150Kg/L

        They complement the 300Kg shelving units and are often used for lighter storage situations. They are similarly tri-coloured, so they can be easily co-ordinated with the 300kg/L units.


        3.0 Workbenches

        Our workbenches are made from all steel and are part of our 300Kg/L, Heavy Duty range. They can be used separately or connected into a row with other workbenches or with other long span shelving in the range. The workbenches are 0.95m high and come in widths of 1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0m and 2.5m.


        4.0 Tyre Racking

        Our tyre racks are also part of our 300Kg/L, Heavy Duty range and they come in all the same sizes. They are perfect for your garage, or can be scaled up for commercial tyre storage. 


        Wide Variety of Applications
        The open nature of heavy duty long span shelving and its adjustability makes it one of the most efficient storage applications for items that are: small to medium in size and weight, bulky and irregular in shape, and that can be loaded onto the shelves by hand.


        Specifically, our shelving is ideal for storage applications such as: cardboard cartons, plastic tubs, component parts used for manufacturing, automotive and other spare parts, tools, toolboxes and equipment, sporting goods, hardware, bulky, heavy items, inventory items and archive storage.


        Long span shelving is versatile. It is ideal for use in a: garage, shed, workshop, warehouse, store stock room, retail shop bulk storage area, office storeroom, shipping container or in an industrial storage area. Whether it is for garage shelving or fitting out a warehouse, our clients use our long span shelving and workbenches to organize their parts and materials, their workshops and work areas to make the space more productive. 


        Durable powder-coated finish so your investment will last

        Designed for strength and integrity

        Easy to assemble and disassemble without tools

        Easy to add shelving units and extra tiers as needed

        Buy extra shelf components as needed

        Shelving can be fastened to the floor for extra safety

        3 year replacement warranty

        Free quotations

        Free storage drawing/ design service

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