Our quality shelving and racking products and hassle free support have won many repeat customers, who are happy to refer their friends and colleagues. Set out below are some featured examples of the feedback we receive from our customers.

"We purchased 10 units of 1.2 tonne rating long span shelving.The specs, quality and service are up to our satisfaction. We will keep buying from them if we have further needs."

John Joseph, Director of Aambianz Pty Ltd

Aambianz is a leader in the specification, tender and project management services of sun control, ventilation and balustrade solutions to the construction industry. Aambianz provide comprehensive work share services and critical expertise and scale to their partner organizations on projects for computer aided drafting and IT development in the architectural, engineering and building industries.


 Aambianz longspan shelving left side  Aambianz longspan shelving right side of storeroom



"We initially bought 15 units of 2m shelving. I found the quality and price to be very good and subsequently purchased a few more lots."

Lihua Feng, General Manager of Watson Glass

Watson Glass is a leading glass producer. Their 20,000 sqm factory and 100 person workforce gives them the capability to efficiently supply glass of all specs and volumes.


 Watson storeroom longspan shelving Bays of longspan shelving in Watsons storeroom



 "My partner and I have purchased two lots of pegboard gondola shelving. We not only love the quality and price, but also their friendly and personable service."

Robert Baldini, Sales & Marketing manager of M&E Equipment Traders


 Retail shelving along wall in Equipment Traders showroom Midfloor shelving in Equipment Traders showroom



 "We have purchased multi lots of display and storage shelving. The modular design and quality finish of the shelving have improved the presentation of our display products in our showrooms. We will continue to buy shelving from them."

Paul Harrison, Branch Manager of Laceys. TV


 Laceys showroom retail shelving along wall Laceys storeroom shelving