About Us

Our Origins

Falcon Shelving was Borne out of Experience and Personal Necessity

Perhaps surprisingly the business began by importing and selling homewares. Like any new business, the founders needed storage and retail shelving. However, looking around, they couldn't find the quality of material and finish that they wanted for their store. So they used their supplier contacts and worked with a manufacturer to produce some shelving that was robust, easy to assemble and looked good.

Having replaced their existing products with the newly produced shelving and racking, they were left with some racking that they no longer needed. They posted the second hand racking on an online trading site and it very quickly sold out.

On a hunch, they included some more racking from their manufacturer in their next shipment of homeware products. The new racking was posted on the online trading site as before and it again quickly sold out.

This process continued and pretty soon the shelving and racking was selling quicker than the homewares. As time went on, the realisation dawned on the founders that they were actually in the shelving business and so Falcon Shelving was born.


Our Founding Philosophy Continues to Drive Us

The founding philosophy of seeking out innovative products that are made from quality materials, are easy to use and also look good still drives the business. We continue to sift through the products that are available on the market looking for quality products that can be added to our range. Our aim is to pull together a diverse range of products that meet our criteria and those of our customers.


Our Approach

We Have Partnered with Specialists to Improve Our Competitiveness
Our product range is heavy and bulky and needs specialist expertise in order to be stored efficiently and transported safely and effectively. Accordingly, we have partnered with specialist warehousing service providers and with freight forwarders. It enables us to keep our keep our costs low and to provide the best possible service.


Ordering is Easy and Follows a Process
An implication of working with partners is that we need to follow a process with our orders. We can accept orders via online checkout, email, txt, and phone. Once an order is finalised, we pass it on to our warehouse partners so they can get the goods ready for pickup or delivery. It is a smooth process, which usually has an order ready 1-2 days after an order has been finalised.


We Don't Have a Bricks and Mortar Shop or Showroom, But We Do Have Great Service
In line with our philosophy and drive for efficiency, we have chosen to invest in technology and customer service rather than bricks and mortar. It means we do not have showroom, where customers can view our products and where it's possible to just drop in and make a purchase. However, it means we can focus on providing great service.


Benefits of Our Approach
You are dealing directly with the importer, all the savings are passed on to you Our products are made from quality steel with a high finish and are load capacity rated We offer Australia wide delivery (call us for a quote) We offer friendly and professional customer service Our product range is modular and adjustable The units can easily slot together to expand your storage area as your requirements change The simple slot together system makes DIY assembly a breeze