Heavy Duty Shelving 1.5mWx0.6mDx2.0mH Addon 300Kg/L
Dimensions for 1.5m wide addon bay
All 300Kg units are interconnectable
Heavy duty, height-adjustable shelving
Easy slot-together assembly without tools
Maximum height of top-most shelf
Footplate holes for dynabolt-type floor fasteners
Steel decks are powder coated and reinforced for durability
Rigid, reinforced, one piece uprights
Add to your existing longspan units as needed
  • SKU: 2LSS1.5300A

Heavy Duty Shelving 1.5mWx0.6mDx2.0mH Addon 300Kg/L

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Product Features:
  • Longspan addon bay with one blue upright that is designed to be connected to an existing unit and will not stand alone
  • Comes with 4 shelf levels as standard
  • Extra levels can be easily purchased and added, as required
  • The unit comes as a kit that includes the following components: 1 blue upright, 8 orange beams, 8 white decks and 16 steel locking pins
  • Components simply slot into place for easy DIY assembly. No tools required
  • Made from quality steel and powder coated to give a strong and durable finish, so that your investment will last
  • Blue uprights are pre-welded and come as one solid piece for extra strength
  • The uprights have pre-drilled footplates that enable the unit to be fastened to the floor
  • Shelves are easily adjustable up and down, so they can be set at any required height
  • A starter bay + one or more addon bays can be connected together to form a row of shelving
  • Capacity:
    • 300KG per level (Uniformly Distributed Load)
    • 1200KG Total Capacity (UDL) per Bay
  • Uprights:
    • Length: 2000mm
    • Materials(main poles): 40mm x 80mm x 1.0mm cold rolled steel with powder coating
  • Beams
    • Length: 1340mm
    • Material: 40mm x 60mm x 1.2mm cold rolled steel with powder coating
  • Decks
    • Length: 665mm
    • Material: 0.5mm cold rolled steel with powder coating
  • Weight
    • Total weight of the completed unit =