orange cross beam for 1.5mW, 150Kg/ level unit
Alternate view of orange beam for 1.5mW, 150Kg/ level unit
Join between orange beam and blue upright
Longspan 1.5mW, 150Kg/ level unit with 4 shelves
  • SKU: 2LSS1.5150BS

Heavy Duty Beam 1.5mWx0.5mDxAll Heights 150Kg/L Orange

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Product Features:
      • Extra beam for 1.5mW x 0.5mD x All Heights Heavy Duty longspan shelving
      • 2 beams required for each extra level of shelving
      • Please note that these beams cannot be used with the 0.6m deep range of heavy duty shelving (different sizes)
      • Made from quality steel and powder coated to give a strong and durable finish, so that your investment will last
      • Beams simply slot into place for easy DIY assembly and are fixed in place with a locking pin. No tools required
    • Capacity:
      • 150KG per pair of beams (Uniformly Distributed Load)
    • Beams
      • Length: 1400mm
      • Material: 30mm x 50mmm x 1.2mm cold rolled steel with powder coating
    • Weight
      • Total weight =

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