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            These are component pieces that go to make up workbench units. They can be purchased individually.

            Heavy Duty Workbench / Components (2)

            Heavy Duty Beam 1.5mWx0.6mDxAll Heights 300Kg/L Orange


            Heavy Duty Deck 1.5mWx0.6mDxAll Heights 300Kg/L White


            Applications and Uses

            Long-term Storage When You Don't Need Pallet Racking

            As the name suggests, long span shelving is steel shelving that spans a long distance (typically from 1 to 2.5 metres). It is designed for the long-term storage of items that don’t require the rugged, heavy duty storage capacity of pallet racking that is needed to store very heavy items and withstand mechanical handling.


            Perfect Solution for Small to Medium Weight Items that are Hand Loaded

            The open nature of heavy duty, long span shelving and its adjustability makes it one of the most efficient storage systems for items that are: small to medium in size and weight, bulky, fragile or irregular in shape, long and broad, and that can be loaded onto the shelves by hand. It also provides easy to access to stored items from both sides.


            Store Just about Anything

            Our adjustable, long span shelving units are the perfect solution for storing: cartons, plastic tubs, component parts used for manufacturing, automotive and other spare parts, tools, toolboxes, electrical equipment, plumbing equipment, sporting equipment, hardware, bulky goods, inventory items and archive storage.


            Full Range of Sizes to Accommodate Any Situation

            Our long span shelving comes in a full range of weight capacities, colours and sizes that will suit almost any heavy duty storage situation (see table below).


             Weight Rating Colours Widths Depths Heights Suitability

            480Kg per Bay (120Kg/ level)

            White 1.5m 0.5m 2m Cost effective for storage of light items

            600Kg per Bay (150Kg/ level)

            Blue/ Orange/ White 1.0m, 1.5m 0.5m 2m Light to medium storage

            800Kg per Bay (200Kg/ level)

            White 2.0m 0.6m 2m Medium to heavy duty storage

            1200Kg per Bay (300Kg/level)

            Blue/ Orange/ White 1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0 & 2.5m 0.6m 0.95m#, 2m, 2.4m & 2.7m Storage of heavy duty items

            Compatible Workbench

            # The 1200 KG range comes with compatible workbenches that are 0.95m High, 0.6m Deep and come in all widths (see image below).

            Heavy duty workbench
            They are suitable for heavy duty use. Each shelf on the workbench can carry 300Kg as an evenly distributed load.

            Modular System

            Our heavy duty, long span shelving units are modular, so you can buy one unit on its own or buy a series of units to scale up to the storage capacity of a warehouse. All the units within a particular weight capacity are connectable, so you can join a series of shelving units into a connected row of shelving. This connectability also applies to the heavy duty workbenches in our 1200Kg range, which can be joined directly to a normal, long span shelving unit. Contact our friendly staff to discuss your requirements


            Benefits of Our Long Span Shelving Units

            Strong and Durable So Your Investment Will Last

            The component parts of our long span shelving units are constructed from welded steel and are powder coated for durability. Rather than being MDFm the shelves or decks are powder coated steel that is reinforced underneath for extra strength. The uprights come as one, solid pre-welded piece for maximum load bearing.


            Easy Installation

            Our heavy duty, long span shelving units are “boltless” and are designed to be DIY assembled easily without tools, screws, nuts or bolts. The orange beams slide into grooves on the outside of the blue uprights and the white decks simply slot onto a ledge on the inside of the beams.


            Easily Reconfigurable

            Long span shelving is very long lasting and can be added to and reconfigured throughout it's life, as your storage needs change.


            Easy to Extend and Disassemble

            Being easy to assemble means our heavy duty shelving units are also easy to disassemble and reconfigure as required. This makes the units easy to adjust as your shelving needs change or to transport and reconfigure if you need to move.


            Adjustable Shelving

            You can specify the number of shelves per bay and also adjust each shelf level up and down to accommodate the various sized items you are looking to store. This lets you optimise your storage space, as the gaps between each shelf don't all have to be the same. Having adjustable shelving means you can have a large gap for bulky, heavier items at the bottom and then a smaller space between the shelves above.


            Buy Extra Components as Needed

            Our heavy duty, long span shelving is modular, so you can buy whatever you need to expand your storage area, whether it is a single upright or an entire row of shelving. This means as your storage needs change you can always get what you need to reconfigure your shelving.


            Units Can be Fastened to the Floor

            Our shelving units are sturdy, when free standing. However they can also be fastened to the floor via the pre-drilled holes in the footplates for extra stability, safety and security.



            Falcon Shelving offers a three year replacement warranty for manufacturing or material defects in any of its products. This warranty does not cover fair wear and tear.



            We understand that purchasing shelving is not always a simple straightforward decision. There are many variables: how many shelves should there be, how can I maximise the storage capacity and workflow in my defined space. Accordingly, we offer a range of services to complement our product range.

            Free Quotation

            Contact us for a free quotation. You can pickup from our Eastern Creek 2766 or Dandenong South 3175 locations or we can seek competitive freight quotes for delivery to just about anywhere in Australia.


            Free Drawing Service

            We provide a free drawing service to help you plan the most efficient layout of your storage space. It is often helpful to get your initial thoughts down on paper to ensure that you have the capacity to store the items required and to ensure that the storage area is constructed to provide the best workflow for people and equipment.


            Example Warehouse Fitout

            As an example, we helped a client, who was fitting out a new storage warehouse. Starting with a hand-drawn sketch, we began to draw up a floorplan of the warehouse.


             Fitout plan for a warehouse

            From the initial plan there were several iterations of changes as we went back and forth with discussions and ideas. The above diagram reflects the final configuration from which we created a list of components required and then a quotation for the job,  

            Example Shipping Container Fitout

            Our 1200Kg (300Kg/ level) range of heavy duty, long span shelving fits neatly into shipping containers, as a means of creating extra, heavy duty storage capacity.



            As you can see in the example above, there is very little wasted space in the fitout. 


            Additional Information

            4 Shelves Standard But You can Have 2-5+ Shelves per Bay

            All of our long span shelving units come with 4 levels or tiers of shelving as standard. However, being adjustable shelving, you can have from 2 to 5+ levels of shelving if needed. You can buy kits for extra levels of shelving separately if you need 5 tiers of shelving or build your unit from component partsif you need 2 or 3 levels of shelving.


            Always Begin With a Starter Bay

            Always begin with a Starter Bay (2 blue uprights). You can then attach one or more Addon units (one blue upright) to form a connected row of shelving.

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