The 3 Key Benefits of Longspan Shelving that Will Help Make Your Business More Effective

on February 07, 2024

What is Longspan Shelving?

As the name suggests, long span shelving is steel shelving that spans a great distance (typically from 1 to 2.5 metres). The open nature of the shelving and its adjustability make it one of the most efficient storage systems for small to medium sized items.

Modern longspan shelving is very versatile, because of its modular construction. Each bay of shelving is made up of 3 component parts (see image below): 1) blue uprights, 2) orange beams and 3) white decks.

Longspan shelving unit - highlighting orange beams, blue uprights and white decks


What is it Best Used For?

Longspan shelving is designed for the long-term storage of items that don’t require the rugged capacity of pallet racking to withstand very heavy loads and mechanical handling. It is best suited to the storage of varied items that: 

  • Are small to medium in size and weight
  • Are bulky, fragile or irregular in shape
  • Are long and broad
  • Can be loaded onto the shelves and unloaded by hand 
Where is it Used?

The versatility of longspan shelving makes it ideal for use in: 

  • Garages and sheds for the storage of household items, sports gear, tools, and equipment
  • Offices for file and archive storage
  • Schools for the storage of sporting equipment and archives
  • Retail storerooms and workrooms for the storage of inventory, parts and equipment
  • Factories for the storage of componentry, spare parts and equipment
  • Auto workshops for the storage of parts, tyres and equipment
  • Shipping Containers for additional storage capacity 
What are the Benefits?

There are three key benefits of using longspan shelving that will make your business more effective


1. Flexibility

Longspan shelving is easy to assemble by one or more people and it is also easy to disassemble and transport to a new site. This is possible because modern longspan shelving utilises “boltless” assembly. The orange cross-beams simply slot into grooves on the blue uprights and the white decks just drop into grooves on the beams. It’s easy to adjust or add extra tiers of shelving – they simply slot into place.

It’s also a modular storage system, where the components are designed to be connectable, interchangeable and highly reconfigurable – think construction set. You can mix and match units of various heights and widths to maximise your storage capacity in any space.

This flexibility means longspan is equally at home in a large warehouse or in a small office environment. It’s simply a matter of planning out your storage requirements, based on the various sizes of your items and the space available.


2. Efficiency

The modular, open nature of longspan maximises the storage capacity of any given space. Units can go up to 2.7m high and so maximise the storage per square metre of floor space. The number and height of shelves can also be adjusted to suit the size and weight of the goods being stored. In addition, the open nature of the shelves allows easy access from both sides.

Longspan also saves on time, because the units are free standing and easy to assemble/ disassemble. Similarly, it’s easy to move and transport the shelving to a new site.


3. Durability

An investment in longspan shelving is one that will last. Quality longspan shelving is typically made from powder coated steel for strength and durability. This makes it strong, easy to clean and maintain, and resistant to wear. So it will provide great service for many, many years.

You can see the Falcon Shelving range of shelving units here.


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