Planning Out Your Retail Shelving Requirements

on February 07, 2024

The Planning Process for a Retail Shelving Fitout

Establishing the best layout for your retail space is typically an iterative process, where we you go back and forth on the design, configuration of the shelving modules and the budgeted costs.


The Process Usually Begins with a Basic Floorplan

The layout design usually begins with a hand-drawn sketch or a simple plan of the space that needs to be fitted out. For example the diagram below shows a retail space with dimensions 8m x 14m

Floorplan of a retail space 8m x 14 metres


Plan Out the Display Shelving

Once the dimensions of the available space are established, it’s possible to start planning the fitout. This involves choosing the type of shelving required and its approximate dimensions along with the number of aisles and layers of wall shelving that can be fitted into the space.

In order to ensure easy movement around the store, we recommend that an aisle space of 1.2-1.5m be allowed for trolley access. If trolley access is not required, then the space between rows can be reduced to 1 metre. Any less than 1 metre will make it difficult for customers to navigate the store.


Standard Sizes

To assist in planning, some of the standard sizes of the various types of shelving are set out in the table below.

 Type of Shelving
Widths (m)
Depths (m)
Heights (M)
Pegboard Gondola
Single or double sided
1.4, 2.0
Mesh Gondola
Single or double sided
Single or double sided


Please note that a standard unit of gondola shelving has 1 bottom shelf and 3 shelves above


Floorplan Showing the Desired Fitout

The end result is a hand sketch or fitout plan like the one shown below.

Fitout plan for a retail space










At this stage we usually check with the factory to determine the approximate lead time for the order to be produced.


Developing Module Specifications

Using the plan as a guide, we will help to develop a basic specification for each of the shelving modules in the plan. The diagram below is an example of how the 9 custom modules in the centre of the plan above might be specified.

Specification for a retail shelving module

We can also supply accessories such as data strips and hooks as part of the order.


Refining the Quote with the Factory

Once the module specifications have been established, we send them to the factory. The factory then takes specifications and prepares a list of individual components that need to be produced (bill of materials) along with a quotation and an estimated completion date.

It may be necessary to go back and forth a couple of times with amendments to the specification until a final design is settled upon.


Finalising the Order

Once the order has been agreed, a 40% deposit is payable and the factory begins production.


Production and Delivery

Production and transport to our warehouse usually takes 6-8 weeks.

Once we have the stock in our warehouse we will organize delivery to your site at a time that is convenient.

If you would like a quotation you can email us your drawings and requirements to:


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