Pegboard Gondola 1.2mWx0.45mDx2.0mH 2-Sided Addon 60Kg/L
Pegboard Gondola end of row configuration
Pegboard Gondola Shelf depicted in close up
Pegboard Gondola Shelving loaded with stock
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Pegboard Gondola 1.2mWx0.45mDx2.0mH 2-Sided Addon 60Kg/L

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Shelves are Made to Order (5-8 week lead time)
  • We can customize the color and sizes, if the order volume is more than 30 units
  • Send us your shop's floor plan for a customized quotation
Product Features:
  • Heavy duty, pegboard gondola shelving is suitable for retail stores such as: pharmacies, convenience stores and supermarkets
  • The standard unit has 4 shelf levels (including the base level)
  • Extra levels can be purchased and added, as required
  • The unit comes as a kit and no tools are required for assembly.  The components simply slot into place
  • The shelves are made from quality steel that is powder coated to give a strong and durable finish
  • The shelves are easily adjustable up and down and can be set at any height
  • A starter bay + one or more addon bays can be connected together to form a row of shelving
  • Strong pegboard back for hanging retail items
  • A 0.9mWx0.45mD single sided shelving unit can be added to the end of a row, if required
  • Capacity: 60KG per level (Uniformly Distributed Load)
  • Dimensions: 1.2mWx0.45mD bottom tier, 1.2mW x0.40mD 3 tiers above
  • Colour: White